Our Story

About Diversified Recycling

For over 20 years, Diversified Recycling has been sorting and processing countless loads of recyclables from nearby towns and beyond.  As part of a family-owned and operated business, our core values have always been geared towards our customer and the exceptional service we provide for them.  A state of the art sorting and processing facility allows Diversified Recycling the ability to collect and process recyclables from over 30 local communities.  Members of our “Green Team” make a personal, positive, and impactful difference on the environment in the greater Chicagoland area.

With growing concern about landfill space and emerging recycle markets, we introduced our first curbside recycling program in 1990.  This original plan was a dual stream system which meant residents had to separate their items at the curb and drivers would place each material type into separate compartments in the truck.  In 2000, we installed a state of the art single stream system, allowing us to collect comingled material from residents and eliminated our need for trucks with compartments.

In 2010, our MRF (Material Recovery Facility) underwent a complete redesign.  The goal of this new center was to allow us to more efficiently process nearly 450 tons of recyclables per day. Our new system was so complex and state of the art, our recycling manager helped manufacture the custom design and tested it in the Netherlands where the manufacturing company, Bollegraaf, was located.  The system was then disassembled and sent over in a series of sea containers to be put together in our plant.

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